Thursday, October 9, 2008

Autism conspiracy theories...some people have their foil hat on a bit to tight

As I was poking around the net I ran across this blog by Fore Sam entitled Hating Autism. This guy is something else. He is a firm believer in the idea that mercury causes autism. I understand that many people believe that, so I can excuse that to some degree. But this guy takes that far off into conspiracy theory land.

He seems to think that mercury was introduced as a vaccine preservative in order to dumb down the American people. He doesn't end there. He also thinks there is a neurdiversity conspiracy out there. He also is a firm believer that Amanda Baggs is a fraud working on behalf of "Neurodiversity"(note capital N) and the drug companies. What makes me scratch my head is how Amanda's message benefits drug companies. Drug companies don't want people to be told that their kids are fine the way they are, just different. No, they want people to get the message that their kids are broken and they have just the thing to fix them.

This guy also thinks that any autistic person who refuses a cure is insane. In a comment on one of his blog entries he says "There aren't any sane autistic people who disagree with me. The sane ones want to be cured." Then I guess this makes a certified whack job because I don't want a cure.

I swear some people have their foil hat on a little to tight.