Friday, September 6, 2013

Whats wrong with the US: Rapid Ramen

Here is the first installment of 'whats wrong with the US'; where I highlight things I think are wrong with this country. The first item is Rapid Ramen, a microwave ramen cooker.

It's supposed to cut ramen cook time in half. Really?!?! Since when did INSTANT ramen take that long to cook? I remember joking with a friend that a way to make your millions would be to make a product that makes it easier to cook ramen. The fact that such a thing exists and people buy it, is pretty fucking sad. I guess it's true that many people in the US are lazy and stupid.

The Rapid Ramen company contracts with Pride Industries, a company that employs people with disabilities. As soon as I saw that the employees were retarded, I immediately suspected it was a sheltered workshop. A sheltered workshop is a place that employs people with disabilities and is LEGALLY permitted to pay them less than the minimum wage. I don't know if Pride Industries is a sheltered workshop or not. From browsing their website a bit, I couldn't tell how much the workers are payed. Rapid Ramen is sold at WalMart (among other places). That suggests to me that the workers are being payed substandard wages. WalMart demands a low low price and you can't do a low low price if your workers are fairly payed. Unless you cut back on profit. But this is the United States where profit rules the day.

A silly ramen cooker may not seem like much; but it's a symptom of what's wrong in this country.