Saturday, February 2, 2008

Why people latch on to external causes for autism.

The other day I was looking at the google ads on my blog and saw one that caught my eye. It was for some lawyer who is suing some drug company because their medication used by pregnant women, causes autism. So I started thinking about why people are quick to latch on to things like this or mercury as the causes of autism.

Fundamentally our society is based around ism's, Racism, classism, sexism ETC. Eugenics ties into this as well. There seems to be an undercurrent of Eugenics in our society. Most people would probably flat out deny that they support Eugenics, but I feel that on some level many people do support Eugenics or eugenical ideas. This I feel may be part of the reason people latch on to things like mercury as a cause of autism

If there is a genetic link with autism then it implies a few things. It implies that not only is your kid defective, but you are too. Not only that, you are responsible for making your kid defective. It's much safer to blame the nasty drug complanies for poisoning your kids than to accept the fact that you might not be as geneticaly pure as you once thought. On top of that, then you have to worry about the possibility of other kids you may want to have, being born autistic. And what about your "normal" children? Might they pass on the autism genes and spawn more genetic abominations? This may be to much for some people to want to wrap their heads around.

As far as the autistic children go. People don't want to have to think about autistic kids becoming autistic adults. People don't want to have to think about their kid using diapers well into their 20's and beyond. They don't want to think about the prospects of missing out on senior prom, college graduation, the wedding, the grand kids. No, it's far simpler to think "I'll just take my kid to a chelation doctor and he will be normal."

Well, the reality is that your child will probably be autistic for life. I don't see any possibility of "overcoming" my autism, nor do I want to. So get your your head out of the sand and accept the possibility that your child's autism may in fact be genetic. Accept the fact that your child may never "overcome" autism and may be autistic for life.


Jade's mom said...

I have never seen Jade's autism, or it's genetic base as "defective". Nor do I feel that I was somehow responsible for her physical ailments as a result of my genetic make-up.

I could give a rats ass if Jade ever went to prom. I never did, and neither did my husband. We do not care about molding Jade into something that is "acceptable" to society, becuase no one in my family really is.

Considering her father and I both have many traits, have families filled with eccentric artists and engineers, and are probably on the spectrum ourselves, I figured Jade inherited a great deal from us.

She also inherited my primary immunodeficiency.

See, 3 weeks after Jade had the MMR and chickenpox vaccines, I woke up and found her covered in a bulls-eye rash, and seizing violently. The hospital performed no tests, and sent her home to take ibuprofin, and told me it was something viral, not to worry.

Within 1 week of this reaction, she lost eye contact, stopped saying the few words she had, began to have severe digestive problems, started grinding her teeth, and spinning in circles.

5 months later she was diagnosed as severely autistic, had lost 5 lbs and her growth had fallen from the 25% percentile to under the 3rd. She had facial tics, and self abusive behavior. She was only 22 months old.

Upon referral to an immunologist, it was found that she did not create antibodies to many of her vaccines; this is what the immunologist based the diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency on. She has also received a permanent medical exemption to all live virus containing vaccines, as they are contraindicated for use in those with her primary immunodeficiency.

Although we know much of her autism is genetic, it cannot be seperated from the facts that she received 4 live viruses in 2 vaccines (one is the same vaccine in question) that she should not have received, did not create antibodies to said vaccines, suffered a severe reaction to said vaccines, subsequesntly regressed, resulting in not only a manifestation of the symptoms of severe autism, but very serious endocrine and digestive disorders.

Until you have a child as vibrant as Jade, and see that child suffer as Jade had, and continues to, can you begin to understand how a parent of a child like Jade feels. Especially when such conditions are brought about by vaccines that the child never should have had, and. I am offended at people who make presumptions about things they know nothing about.

Jade is doing very well now, as we have treated her immunodeficiency.

Jade is 4 now. She is finally back to the 25th percentile for her height, and it seems she did not suffer any permanent damage to her pituitary gland. Her digestive problems are almost entirely gone, and she no longer has facial tics or grinds her teeth. Jade has some communication, she is just now asking for things, and putting together 3-4 word sentences.

I do not post the vaccine info about Jade on youtube, as much is too complicated for the layperson to understand. I do try to show people that progress can happen, and there are many reasons to have hope, and not want to drive off of a bridge. I want people to see the positive aspects about the autistic.

You see, the physical ailments, the absence of communication, self abusive behaviors, all being caused by our government giving vaccines to all babies, regardless of contraindications, regardless of the preservatives used, is what these parents are generally mad about, not at their faulty genes.

Personally, I could care less if Jade remains “autistic” for life, nor do most parents. I just want her to be happy, healthy, and successful.

Trust me, it would be so much easier to sleep at night if it were all just cuz of my genes, and not because we have a corrupt industry, that our capatalist government has allowed to control our society.

Jade's mom said...

btw, I am extremely offended that you would reference the autistic as "genetic abominations"

Mark said...

There might be science to brain disorders/mental illness. I don't know what the PTB powers that be, are doing.

PurpleMutant said...

I am autistic. I used the term "genetic abomination" to refer to the way that many people see us. Just look at the way autism is portrayed in the media. I didn't mean to say that I personally see autistics as genetic abominations. I don't consider my self to be a genetic abomination.